The Washington Bus


The Washington Bus is seeking a strategic and creative Co-Executive Director for Operations and Development (DOD) to join our Co-Executive Director for Policy and Program to shape, inspire, and manage the organization's future in collaboration with one another, a talented staff team, and two deeply committed Boards of Directors. The next DOD will be an organizational leader committed to our values and building youth political power. 


Co-Executive Director for Operations and Development (DOD)

The DOD will work closely with the Board of Directors to plan and manage fundraising and operational strategies for the organization for the short and long term. The DOD will develop partnerships with funders – corporate, foundations, individual donors - and have their own portfolio of major donors to steward. The DOD will be responsible for overall budget development, general operations and financial management of the organization, and work collaboratively with the Co-Executive Director for Policy and Program (DPP) to ensure the organization is achieving its overall goals and objectives. This is a full-time exempt position.  

The DOD and the DPP will need to have a close partnership, working collaboratively at all times for the betterment of the organization. The DPP is responsible for developing overall political, advocacy, and programmatic strategies and ensuring the metrics necessary to accomplish the overall goals of the organization are met. With this leadership model, the Co-Executive Directors must navigate and thrive under these dynamics and be fully committed to steering the Bus into the decade ahead. In addition, they must have a track record of implementing anti-racist practices and working to undo institutional racism in our political structures. This is an incredible opportunity for a talented leader to mesh their skills with the team in a way that brings out the best and pushes the Washington Bus to excellence. The DOD and DPP will need to use their unique skill set to ensure that the C3 and C4 Boards and staff are aligned and the goals of the organization are met at the highest levels. They will also work together to set communications strategies. This is a dynamic, fast-paced role that will continue to evolve alongside our organization and team. No two days will be alike, and the work will range from big picture to granular details.



Founded in 2007, The Washington Bus is a statewide movement building organization that engages young people in the civic process. We focus our resources on empowering young people of color, LGBTQIA+ youth, first generation college students, and young people from working class and immigrant communities. To lead the Washington Bus is to be at the forefront of moving our political process into a more inclusive and equitable space. The Bus drives up to the edges of the known civic engagement map, and then goes beyond by activating our generation through education, civic participation, and hands-on democracy, and work to put the young people most often excluded from the political process at its center. 



The Bus is committed to creating an equitable Washington State, where the voices of all young people are valued, and we are all able to make an equal impact in our community. 



We strive to remove barriers to political participation so that our generation has the capacity and opportunity to realize our full potential.

We believe that when our politics are inclusive, our democracy is strengthened. By engaging and empowering leaders who reflect the diversity of our generation, we are working to ensure that all people benefit from the full power of our democracy.



The Bus is comprised of a 501(c)(3) – The Washington Bus Education Fund, a 501(c)(4) – The Washington Bus, supporting education and advocacy, and the Washington Bus Political Action Committee  

The Bus has a dedicated staff of 5 plus the 2 Co-Executive Directors  

The 2020 Annual Operating Budget is $751,500

Since our inception in 2007, we have registered over 71,000 young people to vote and consistently have higher than average turnout rates at the polls through our effective GOTV (Get Out the Vote) program

We have graduated 196 young adults (ages 18 – 24) through our 10-week Fellowship Program, many of whom have gone on to work directly in politics

The Bus has played a substantial role in the passage of major legislative wins at city, county and state levels including: 

  • No on 1033 (WA State)
  • Yakima School Bond (Yakima)
  • Referendum 74 United for Marriage (WA State)
  • SeaTac $15 Minimum Wage (SeaTac)
  • Prop 1 Parks for All (Seattle), 
  • I-594 WA Alliance for Gun Responsibility (WA State)
  • WA Won’t Discriminate (WA State)
  • De-Escalate WA (WA State)
  • Sugary Beverage Tax (Seattle)
  • Washington Voting Justice -  Same Day & Automatic Voter Registration as well as Pre-Registration of 16 & 17-year olds (WA State)



The Co-Executive Directors will both be responsible for: 


Exhibiting a passion for and dedication to the advancement of the Washington Bus's mission and the young people it exists to serve

Fostering shared leadership, inclusive and positive relationships between the Boards, staff, organizational stakeholders and donors

Understanding the political landscape of Washington, and thinking systemically to identify and respond to emerging changes in political and social justice movements 

Ensuring the Bus has the human, financial, and operational resources to fulfill its mission

Championing a commitment to advancing social justice and undoing institutional racism, while ensuring a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace



Cultivating a climate that invites and inspires staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds; providing the platform and support for them to authentically lead in our community

Modeling and ensuring an inclusive, welcoming, and inspiring organizational culture aligned with our values 

Providing mentoring, professional development, and performance management of staff 

Ensuring there is a sound organizational structure aligned with the Bus's priorities of equity and inclusion



Cultivating Boards of Directors that reflect the diversity of community we wish to serve – especially people of color and LGBTQIA+ people 

Serving as conduits between the two Boards and the staff, volunteers, and organizational stakeholders

Supporting a complex Board structure and providing Board members with information, counsel, and tools needed to govern and support the organization in a meaningful way



Aligning the organization's communications strategy with the organization's theory of change

Devising a plan to prioritize communications strategy and delegate implementation to key staff and/or outside consultants

Establishing feedback loops to analyze the effectiveness of communications strategies and tactics

Supporting staff to build and cultivate social media engagement strategy to keep our organizational voice relevant as new platforms and trends arise

In addition to the above shared responsibilities, the DOD will have individual responsibilities. The following is not an exhaustive list but is reflective of the overall work:


Co-Executive Director for Operations and Development (DOD) Key Responsibilities


Develop overall fundraising strategy in collaboration with development team and Board fundraising committee that is aligned with programming, policy, and organizational goals and values  

Cultivate new, and steward existing, relationships with major donors and funding partners, building trust, communicating regularly about the organizational work, and collaborating to move our objectives forward

Oversee compliant and efficient tracking and management of donor databases



Manage the Operations and Development staff to successfully manage their areas of work and keep the organization running smoothly behind the scenes

Develop collaborative project management processes to engage relevant team members in annual work planning, budgeting, and fundraising

Lead internal systems development and change related to operations processes and policies

Keep the Boards of Directors engaged in both short and long term strategy development and planning



Oversee organizational financial analysis, including monthly and quarterly reports, cash flow projections, and 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) resource sharing managed by the Operations Manager and external bookkeeper

Oversee organization-wide financial management systems to ensure high quality internal controls, accurate financial reporting, and effective financial planning 

Develop and manage the annual budget

Ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations



Manage and update employee personnel handbook that help build a supportive and transparent culture for all staff, and further the Bus’s antiracist vision 

Ensure compliance with all state and federal labor laws

Mediate employee grievances and disputes based on established employee handbook processes

Develop and manage staff goal setting processes and performance review systems 


Qualifications for Co-Executive Director for Operations and Development (DOD)


Demonstrable understanding of a collaborative and transparent model for leading, managing, and working with people at all levels; strong interpersonal skills that motivate and lead staff, volunteers, the funder base and the Boards of Directors. Able to inspire and empower. A strong commitment to racial, gender, economic, LGBTQIA+ justice and dismantling racism in the workplace. Experience with human resources. 



Experience with nonprofit financial management, including close oversight of financial reporting by external bookkeepers and operations staff, reporting finances to a Board, creating and managing organizational budgets that are aligned with organizational goals, and forecasting as needed to sustain organizational cash flow. Experience with 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) and PAC compliance.



Excellent relationship builder and networker who can catalyze participation and investment from a wide array of funding partners ranging from individual donors, foundations, and corporations. A solid track record in developing and executing strategies for annual fundraising campaigns. Grant writing experience, and familiarity with revenue tracking systems. Political fundraising experience is a plus.



Organization and management skills for running day-to-day operations,  as well as big picture, strategic thinking about the long term future of the organization; clear prioritization and leadership of staff to bring initiatives to fruition.



Strong written and oral communication skills one-on-one or through larger public speaking engagement; and effective communication with diverse audiences. 



Passion, energy, and drive for the Washington Bus mission and a profound belief in the ability of young people to make a positive difference in Washington's political world.



Highly collaborative, with a willingness and ability to be adaptable, flexible and recognize when compromise is necessary for the betterment of the organization. 



Experience serving as a mentor to young people; an understanding of the impact this investment can make in their lives

Experience volunteering or working in grassroots community organizing or for political campaigns

Local knowledge and connections in Washington state, especially with institutional and corporate funders 



Compensation is $75,000 - $80,000 DOE annually. This is a full-time exempt position. The Washington Bus offers a comprehensive benefits package, including 100% employer paid medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees, an ORCA pass, generous paid time-off (24 days, plus 13 holidays), and a flexible work environment with opportunities for professional development.



The Washington Bus seeks to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace. Candidates who represent the diversity and lived experiences of communities with which we work are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please submit a resume and cover letter, indicating Co-Executive Director for Operations and​         Development in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and priority​        consideration will be given to all letters and resumes received by 5 PM October 12, 2020.

Cover letters should be no more than 2 pages in length. In your cover letter, please share how your professional interests and passions specifically correlate to the mission and purpose of the Washington Bus. Please also answer the following questions: Why the Bus? Why now?​             

All applications must be submitted via email, in PDF format (cover letter and resume combined into one document) and emailed to:

Those moving forward in the process will be asked to provide three references – at least two of which must be professional ones. 


All applications will be given serious consideration. Applications will be acknowledged via an email receipt and will be held confidential within the Search Committee. Interviews for the positions will be conducted in late October 2020 we anticipate hiring decisions will be made shortly thereafter.;          

These job descriptions do not constitute a written or implied contract of employment. The Washington Bus reserves the right

to revise or change job duties and responsibilities as the need arises. The Washington Bus is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and values diverse perspectives, life experiences, and differences. We are committed to being equitable and fair in providing equal access to opportunities for all. The Washington Bus encourages people of all backgrounds to apply, including people of color, LGBTQ people, women, immigrants, people with disabilities and veterans. We believe that a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture enhances our ability to fulfill our mission.