Front and Centered

Front and Centered imagines a future full of possibilities, and one that is rooted in the rise of frontline communities for climate justice. Born nine years ago as a collective of visionary Black Brown Indigenous and People of Color community leaders, we have emerged as the leading statewide coalition advancing the solutions to climate change and environmental injustice by advancing our vision for a Just Transition. The essence and the ideas which seeded the bold vision as a people-powered, values-based climate and environmental justice movement in Washington early on, remain embedded in our community leadership which guides our Front and Centered team of experts into the future.

Black, Brown, and Indigenous leaders are organizing in rural towns and rising in urban neighborhoods across the state. The coalition envisions “a future where our communities and the earth are healed and thriving, our people have dignified work and the building blocks of opportunity and prosperity, and our government values, respects, and represents us.” They shine a light on the environmental injustices endured. They survive and thrive against all odds, as they share their wisdom, insight, and solutions to climate change and environmental racism. Across the state, coalition members bear witness to oppression and come together to lift what is possible.

With community voices guiding the vision and strategies of Front and Centered, our staff team serves as a backbone for the coalition, a statewide center for coordinating and developing policy analysis, advocacy strategy, research and development, leadership support, capacity building, and diversified funding and other resources to sustain and grow the movement. This unique integration from community-driven expertise and resources is what Front and Centered powerfully brings together -- the people, policy, and practice of strategic impact. Our body of work is broad and deep, from the groundbreaking Environmental Health Disparities Map, the 100% Clean Energy Transformation Act, the Healthy Environment for All Act, to the methodologies and reports generated as a result of our community data-driven listening sessions. The coalition will continue to build and bring all tools to bear – from law and policy changes to innovations which are evidence-based and inspired by frontline community stories, to public education.

Join us as we develop our next actions to show how frontline communities are leading the transition away from an extraction-based economy toward a regenerative future!

Just Transition Voters (JTV) is a 501(c)4 organization working to advance racial justice and equitable for communities disproportionately impacted by climate change and environmental harms. JTV seeks to make Just Transition a critical political issue and build champions, particularly in the state legislature, prepared to advance a Just Transition agenda through education, fundraising and giving, and accountability.

About The Position

The Political and Civic Engagement Director will lead related work ranging from community member advocacy mobilization to accountability of elected officials. They will be responsible for development and deployment of Front and Centered power building strategies. The Director will be part of the leadership team and supervise staff and contractors and collaborate across teams leveraging our assets in community building, communications, partnerships, and fundraising and report to the Co-Director for Policy and Programs. The Director will collaborate with our statewide coalition to make long term changes to advance the power and influence of our frontline communities, our coalition, and our agenda for climate and environmental justice through the framework of a Just Transition. They will serve as the point person for Just Transition Voters, a 501(c)4 Organization and supervise and own a portfolio of strategies, projects, and relationships that enhance our coalition influence and ability to make changes in policy and budgets. This includes: enhancing frontlines communities' abilities to be effective in policy-making, developing relationships and accountability measures for decision-makers, deploying our influence in policy making processes, and more.

Candidates well qualified for this position may have experience in civic engagement strategy and leadership, political campaigns and political organizations, experience working in communities of color as an organizer or advocate, and have a passion for changing what’s politically possible to achieve our climate and environmental justice goals.

The position will report to the Co-Director for Policy and Programs and will supervise staff and provide direction to contractors.

This position is a managerial position and candidates with prior management and supervisor experience in a formal supervisor/supervisee employment role (non-intern) will be considered for this role.

Key Duties & Responsibilities 

Strategic Leadership 

  • Implement existing strategies and develop new strategies appropriate to the coalition assets and trajectory that strengthen the political power of our coalition, membership, and vision for a Just Transition 
  • Oversee the overall advocacy and power building work plan and sub elements, and facilitate collaboration between work items and between staff.
  • Develop strategies and work plans specific to Just Transition Voters appropriate to our overall coalition goals and objectives, in collaboration with the Just Transition Voters Board, advisors, and other frontline community leaders. 
  • Contribute to Coalition strategic planning, growth and evolution, and delivery of mission.
  • Represent the Front and Centered and Just Transition Voters in key settings with elected, funders, partners and members. 

Management and Supervision 

  • Provide direction and guidance to our legislative, advocacy communications, and member engagement staff and work portfolios to maximize coalition influence and advance coalition priorities. 
  • Ensure implementation of the work plan elements for which the role is accountable, maximizing performance of coalition strengths and resolving barriers. 
  • Work in collaboration with the Co-Executive Director of Capacity Building and operations and fundraising team members to ensure full compliance for activities under Just Transition Voters 

Project Delivery & Subject Matter Expertise 

  • Assume responsibility for key projects through the Front and Centered work planning process, and ensure delivery of tasks within designated timelines and budgets. 
  • Develop subject matter expertise and serve as a resource for staff, members, and others we’re seeking to influence. 
  • Contribute to written and verbal presentations that advance Front and Centered influence Relationships & Networks 
  • Build and maintain relationships with individuals and organizations that strengthen the influence of Front and Centered and Just Transition Voters 
  • Facilitate relationships for Front and Centered membership and staff to strengthen our coalition work 
  • Maintain and build structures for lasting networks that facilitate our mission

Fundraising & Finance 

  • Contribute to the fundraising strategies and implementation of fundraising tactics with an emphasis on raising C4 funds 
  • Develop budgets and ensure appropriate use of funds 

Other Functions

  • Participate and attend a variety of meetings including but not limited to coalition and central coordination team meetings and represent Front and Centered. 
  • Other tasks as identified to ensure Front and Centered meets its obligations and objectives.
  • Provide clear, transparent communication, that builds trust and accountability toward the interests of Front and Centered groups and communities 
  • Make presentations about Front & Centered at different external stakeholder meetings and events 
  • Create and manage data and assessment methods to evaluate progress and outcome to share with members, funders as well as to inform and shape future efforts 
  • Provide written, monthly progress reports on deliverables completed or, as requested by team/project lead 

NOTE: This job description is inclusive of, but not limited to the job duties, responsibilities, qualifications, or requirements contained herein. Additional duties, responsibilities, qualifications or requirements may be required as deemed necessary by the Co-Executive Director, Programs and Policy. 

Additional Information 

Position Located: This is a hybrid in-person/remote position based in Washington State 


This is a full-time (35 hrs/week), Washington state-based position. 

Office hours are typically Monday-Friday from 9am-5:00pm, with occasional evening and weekend work. We currently work under a hybrid remote-work arrangement model: work-from-home and onsite/in-person environments. Some travel is required; Front and Centered hosts in-person staff meetings up to four times a year (when COVID allows safe travel and social interactions) and hosts a number of in-person and virtual convenings throughout the year. 

Qualifications and Experience 

Ideal candidate will possess: 

  • Passion for changing the rules, for making justice the center of the climate and environmental conversation, and for being part of a dynamic, fun, and creative team that is facilitating frontline communities participation. 
  • Experience (years may overlap): 
    •  At least eight years of professional experience in a relevant field, such public policy, community organizing, not-for-profit management, etc. 
    • At least four years of experience in advocacy or civic engagement, such as community organizing, campaigns, voter mobilization, etc.
    • At least four years of experience supervising staff or regular contractors where you provide guidance, direction, and coaching. 
  • Skill in project management, including demonstrated ability to take a project from start to finish; identifying tasks, goals, timelines, roles and responsibilities within a team to execute. ● Experience working with institutional leaders, including government, and with diverse communities namely with people of color and Indigenous peoples as well as disenfranchised communities 
    • Demonstrated success in community relationship management, strategic advocacy, systems thinking, coordinating and advising groups for collective impact 
  • Knowledge of equity and social justice issues, and in particular environment and climate justice, and ideally knowledge in environmental health, including environmental regulation and health impacts, or in participatory democracy and governance, or in climate mitigation and resilience, or Just Transition, including understanding of economy and racial consumer capitalism and solidarity / regenerative economics. 
  • Strong commitment to the vision, mission, and values of Front and Centered
  • Proven ability to take initiative, identify priorities and accomplish tasks, and advance projects
  • Team player capable of working both collaboratively and independently 
  • Highly organized and resourceful with a strong attention to detail 
  • Deep knowledge and passion for social movements, environmental justice and racial justice
  • Ability to travel and attend meetings as needed, potentially on weekends and evenings
  • Ability to engage community leaders and their members in action, in-person and remotely, and across a diverse statewide groups of prospective participants. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to advancing racial equity or working directly in and for communities of color with experience working in diverse communities namely with people of color and indigenous peoples as well as disenfranchised communities. 
  • Strong commitment to the vision, mission, and values of Front and Centered, including a service ethic and commitment to racial justice. 
  • Proven ability to take initiative, identify priorities and accomplish tasks, and advance projects, including ability to work within a team to execute and work independently. 
  • Skill to communicate effectively complex concepts in easy to understand ways, verbal and written. 
  • Team player capable of working both collaboratively and independently. 
  •  Deep knowledge and passion for social movements, environmental justice and racial justice.
  • Experience working with and taking direction from frontline communities and working with community based organizations. 
  • Skill in communicating complex information to community and policymakers
  • Desire and ability to learn about new issues and areas quickly 
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills 

Physical Demands and Reasonable Accommodations 

Front and Centered employees work a flexible, 35-hour workweek from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in work-from-home and onsite environments. The physical demands and work environment described below represent those required for an employee to perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these essential functions. 

  • Able to input information into a computer for long periods of time 
  • Ability to work stationary at a computer for the majority of each workday 
  • Able to assess information communicated through a computer 
  • Ability to complete work in a shared office environment where multiple staff may be working and talking at any point during the day 
  • Use hands to handle, or feel, type, and reach with hands and arms 
  • Able to work some evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Able to periodically work long and extended hours. 
  • Able to travel locally/regionally/across the state, as needed. 

To center the safety and well-being of our employees, Front and Centered requires that employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19, subject to exemptions in compliance with federal, state, and local anti-discrimination legal requirements. Specifically, we will consider requests for exemption based on medical reasons or for sincerely-held religious beliefs.

Work Culture and Work Environment 

Front and Centered emerged from a broad coalition of diverse community groups working at the intersection of equity and environmental justice. We strive to create a work culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and adaptive to the diverse and dynamic context of how Front and Centered serves the coalition. To this end, every staff member is expected to work as a partner and within a culture of supportive leadership and lifelong learning and knowledge sharing; understand and engage in teamwork which is characterized by hope, celebration, creativity, collaboration, cultural humility, equity, and respect; exercise the highest level of ethics, professionalism, discretion and confidentiality; demonstrate initiative, organization, and an ability to multitask and manage multiple priorities. 

We are a small team of enthusiastic, hard-working, and often very busy people. It is a fast-paced environment but where staff enjoy each other’s company and take time to build a supportive and inclusive culture. 

Compensation and Benefits 

This is a full-time position of 35 hours per week. Salary range is $105,183 to $142,017, however, we anticipate starting the position between $114,036 up to $123,634. Front and Centered’s benefits package includes medical and dental insurance coverage, 4 weeks paid vacation, sick leave, and 17 paid holidays. Front and Centered values our employees and ongoing professional development and growth.

To Apply

Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter prompt (included below) to, put “Position Title” and “name” as the subject line of the email.

Deadline: Priority Deadline is Tuesday, April 2nd. Applications will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis with interviews anticipated to start early April. 

Cover Letter Prompt

In the body of your email please answer the following questions:

1. Where did you hear about this position?

◻Email ◻Colleague ◻Online Job Platform. Please name the platform: _______

2. Do you have lived, community, or professional experience in, working with, or for communities of color? (yes/no)

3. Do you have at least 8 years of experience in field relevant to advocacy, politics, or civic engagement? If yes, please list the role, organization and months of full time experience acquired.

In a one page cover letter, please explain and/or give examples that:

  • Describe a unique role(s) and impact you’ve made in leading civic engagement and/or political advocacy strategy and its implementation.
  • Demonstrate leading a team, building partnerships, and exercising judgment in high-stakes relationships.
  • Describe your interest/ experience in climate and environmental justice with frontline communities and why you would like to work at Front and Centered.

Front and Centered strives to create an inclusive workplace in which we meaningfully connect as colleagues and community partners, reflective of the people with whom we live, serve, and share in community. As an equal-opportunity employer, we work with people of diverse personal, professional, and regional backgrounds, so that our board, team, community members and advisory council have a collective impact on delivering on our mission. People of color and others from underrepresented groups, especially people with direct experience working within the communities Front and Centered partners with, are encouraged to apply. We invite people to be part of our team, regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, marital status, age, physical abilities, political affiliation, religious beliefs.