Economic Opportunity Institute: Communications Manager/Director

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Economic Opportunity Institute: Communications Manager/Director

Communications Manager/Director
Expires February 24, 2017

Position Description

Plan and implement policy- and campaign-related external communications that advance EOI’s research, education and advocacy work in support of the organization’s policy agenda. Oversee all external communications including media relations, publications, and brand identity. Write and manage content for blog, website, social media, email blasts, etc. Reports to Executive Director.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Planning: Develop and execute a strategic, integrated communication plan that maximizes the impact of EOI’s research and policy development and increases recognition of EOI’s policy work and expertise among policymakers, the media, the public, and donors. Develop and implement online campaigns to bring new readers to website, blog and social media platforms/channels. Track efficacy of communications work by regularly monitoring and reporting on metrics to Executive Director and Board.

Survey current research and expert thinking on framing, messaging, and economics topics; conduct media audits and message analyses and occasional public opinion research on EOI-specific issues. Produce reports, audits, and blog posts on framing, public opinion, or strategic communications topics such as analyses of speeches by public figures or examples of best (or worst) practices. Create talking point memos for EOI staff, coalition partners, and other communications experts and practitioners.

External Communications: Plan and implement external communications campaigns and projects in support of EOI’s policy objectives – targeting voters, media, policymakers and their staff, and stakeholder organizations. Establish, update, and help implement core messages and language recommendations for policy-related communications; highlight and promote best practices on messaging, particularly on specific projects and issues noted in EOI’s work plan.

Identify and capitalize on opportunities to leverage new technologies and partnerships to broaden dissemination of EOI’s research and advocacy. Manage EOI’s social media communities to promote regular public education, engagement and discussion of EOI policy issues. Seek venues for publication of EOI research, education and advocacy. Serve as a messaging consultant/collaborator to partner organizations, fostering EOI’s reputation as a useful source for messaging tactics and public opinion analysis, particularly through joint policy projects.

Content Creation and Publications: Provide editorial and content suggestions and advice to policy staff during development of policy briefs and related materials. Plan and write policy-related blog posts, newspaper op-eds and new website content, both independently and in consultation with policy staff. Edit, proofread, design and produce EOI policy briefs, research reports, fact sheets, newsletters and other publications. Publish content via internal (blog, website, social media, newsletter) and external channels (media, allies and partners, etc.).

Media Relations: Monitor local/national news outlets, allied/organizational partners, and other channels for items of direct interest/relevance. Solicit and coordinate media inquiries via media advisories, press releases, etc.

Organizational Identity: Represent EOI’s brand accurately and consistently across all platforms and publications, maintaining (or establishing, as needed) organizational brand standards.

Contact Management: Ensure contact database stays up-to-date based on feedback and submissions from staff, bounce-backs, and other outreach.

Supervision: Oversee the communications work of EOI interns when applicable, depending on EOI staffing needs.

Coalition Support: Support communications efforts for Social Security Works – Washington coalition, Washington Work and Family coalition, other coalitions as necessary.

Desired Experience/Qualifications

The ideal candidate will possess many of the following skills, experiences and qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts in public policy, political science, economics, communications, journalism, or a related field.
  • A record of previous success related to key responsibilities outlined above, such as (but not limited to) experience writing/editing public content for a blog, news agency or other organization; legislative or related public policy experience; and/or graphic design experience with infographics and publications.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Superb attention to detail and follow-through, with strong organizational skills.
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and/or other Adobe Creative Suite products. Understands web hosting; able to administer and platforms. Familiarity with HTML, CSS, Javascript and/or PHP a plus.
  • Enthusiasm for EOI’s mission, organizational values and policy goals.
  • Friendly, approachable manner that creates positive connections with people.
  • Ability to provide personal transportation when required by job duties/responsibilities.


This is a full-time salaried position with a generous paid vacation and holiday package, medical and dental benefits and a retirement plan. Base salary, Communications Manager: $47,476; Base salary: Communications Director: $57,476. Additional increments of pay for experience and education provided according to organizational salary scale as approved by EOI Board of Directors. Medical and dental benefits cover employee, spouse or domestic partner, and all dependents. EOI participates in a TIAA/CREF retirement savings plan whereby the employer contributes the equivalent of 10% of salary after one year of employment. Paid time off begins at 20 days the first year in the first year of employment, with an additional 5 days/year accrued for every two years of service, up to a maximum of 30 days.

To Apply

Please email your application package to John Burbank, Executive Director, at with “Communications Manager/Director” in the subject line. Submit your application in PDF format as one file named with your first and last name (for example: ChrisJones.pdf). Application should include: letter of interest (1-2 pages), resume (1-2 pages), three professional references (1 page, with daytime email and phone numbers), a writing sample (1-2 pages), and (optionally) supplemental materials (max. 4 pages). The letter of interest should address how your experience, background and skills relate to the position’s responsibilities and desired qualifications noted above. References will not be contacted without prior approval of the job candidate.

The Economic Opportunity Institute is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women, people of color, LGBT persons, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


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