Health, our Safety, and our Climate

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Shell’s lease to base its Arctic drilling rig in Seattle

When word got out that the Port of Seattle had approved a lease that allowed Shell Oil to park its Arctic drilling rig at the port’s Terminal 5—without any public comment—Fuse members were quick to take action. Our members understood that we can’t afford another oil spill in the fragile Arctic if we are going to protect wildlife and prevent the drastic climate impacts. More than 1,300 members in King County alone called on the port to revoke Shell’s lease.

In addition, Fuse also recruited members to speak out at the port’s public meeting. One hundred-eleven (111) Fuse members signed up to demand that the Port of Seattle revoke the lease with Shell. It was a powerful, provocative moment calling for greater government transparency and a transition to a clean energy economy.

Fuse organizer testifying

Stopping Oil Trains

Fuse members have sent tens of thousands of messages to state leaders calling on them to halt the push for dangerous, dirty oil trains and to instead transition to a clean energy economy. At public hearings in Lynnwood, Spokane, Vancouver and more, Fuse members have turned out, spoken out, and let leaders know in person that we will not back down. 

Lynnwood oil train terminal hearing

In October of 2015, Shell proposed an oil train terminal where it planned to ship 2.5 million gallons of Brakken crude oil by train every week to its refinery in Anacortes. These six mile-long trains would travel along the Columbia River, through Vancouver, and up through Seattle to Anacortes, increasing the potential for a heartbreaking crash that takes lives and destroys our environment. More than 1,700 Fuse members submitted comments against the dirty, dangerous oil train proposal, and another 14 signed up online to attend the hearing in person with Fuse staff members.   

Fuse staff in Lynnwood

Vancouver oil train hearing

In January of 2016, Tesoro-Savage proposed sending dangerous mile-long oil trains along the Columbia River. If the terminal was built, state officials said they expected an oil train derailment once every two years. A derailment would expose Spokane, the Gorge, and Vancouver to oil spills that threaten salmon, clog traffic, and cause massive amount of asthma-inducing pollution – along with putting lives at risk.

Fuse members submitted nearly 3,000 comments opposing the terminal. We also recruited our members to hearings on the terminal in Vancouver and Spokane. More than 1,000 people showed up to attend the Vancouver hearing, a majority of them dressed in red to signify opposition to the oil train terminal. Fuse staff attended, and 18 Vancouver-area Fuse members signed up to attend while nine Spokane members signed up to speak out there as well. With more than 300 people signed up to testify in Vancouver—including local firefighters, tribal leaders, and elected officials—the hearing ran well into the night, ending at 11p.m.


Stop Oil Trains

Credit: Columbia Riverkeeper 

Holding Climate Deniers Accountable

Obama Climate Change

Climate change is very real our communities, in particular in communities of color. The health of our children and the future of our planet are at stake. But fossil fuel companies and their allies, climate change deniers, will say anything to keep the profits rolling in. That is why we are committed to holding climate deniers accountable.

For years, Fuse members have advocated to close needless corporate tax loopholes in order to fund the services we need most. In particular, they have fought to close the Big Oil tax loophole in order to fund education—and held legislators accountable when they didn’t act. 

In East King County, Fuse members held Senators Steve Litzow and Andy Hill accountable for voting against light rail expansion, a transit option desperately needed to take some commuters off the road.

Fuse has also called out fossil fuel industry groups who are bankrolling fake grassroots groups in order to appear to have support for their profit-driven agenda. In addition, we expose the legislators who fill their campaign coffers with oil money and then defend Big Oil’s profits-at-all-costs strategy in Olympia


From Spokane to Seattle, Fuse members support expanded bus and transit service. We need more ways to get to work, school, and to doctor’s appointments, instead of being stuck in traffic. We support increased transit funding as well as clean fuel standards, and we are excited about the expansion of light rail in the Puget Sound region.

Calling for a Clean Energy Economy

Washington state continues to be an innovative leader in strategies to cut global warming pollution—including creating clean energy jobs that cut climate pollution and keep our economy moving. Fuse has helped advocate for this advance in better systems for our world by supporting environmental efforts that include cap and trade plans. We also joined with the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy to promote a clean energy economy.

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