Budget Policy

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Fixing our upside down tax system

Fuse Budget Rally

Our state is at a crossroads. We are nationally recognized as a place of innovation, open mindedness, and a high quality of life. Yet we are not adequately funding our kids’ schools and other public systems that support a thriving community. 

Some special interests would like to pit funding for education against the health of our communities. We know our communities can do better. When everyday people come together and search for common ground, great things happen. 

That’s why Fuse is partnering with local organizations to change the conversation on the state budget.  Our bottom-up organizing and communications campaign brings together a broad base of community leaders to identify solutions that strengthen instead of tear apart our communities.  Our community organizers are working in Pierce, King, and Spokane Counties to bring people together to share their stories about the local impacts of the state budget and find solutions that will help our communities thrive in the 21st century economy. 

It is a major organizing and communications project that Fuse staff and members have undertaken, and we are thrilled to see what the communities we engage come up with.

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